Our Services

PCS is a full service Forensic Psychology practice based in Mesa Arizona, serving the greater Phoenix area. We are a private psychological practice that includes five on staff psychologists as well as one licensed Masters level therapist who provides treatment and assessment to predominantly Spanish speaking persons. PCS provides comprehensive clinical and forensic psychological services, with specialization in the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders and victims of sexual abuse. Some of our services include conducting psychosexual evaluations, risk assessments, and therapy as well as mitigation and general psychological evaluations. We offer these services to a diverse population of men and women age 13 to geriatric with sensitivity to issues of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual/affectional orientation, gender identity, religion/spirituality, and age.

PCS offers an array of forensic assessment services: 
Including competency to stand trial, mental status at the time of the offense, current mental status evaluations, general psychological evaluations, adult psychosexual risk assessment, juvenile (adolescent) psychosexual risk assessment, violence risk assessment for juveniles and adults, sexually violent person (SVP) evaluation, and mitigation evaluation.

PCS staff provide assessments:
to address numerous offense behaviors including domestic violence, homicide, burglary, drug offense, sex offense, and stalking as well as offense related behavior that may be complicated by mental health issues such as psychosis, compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, attachment issues, mood disorders, problematic characterological issues, and personality disorders.

Assessment services are provided to:
private parties, private attorneys, and numerous governmental agencies including the Adult Probation Department, Department of Corrections, Child Protective Services, Family Court, Criminal Court, the Public Defender’s Office, and the County Attorney’s Office.

PCS psychologists also provide expert testimony services to:
governmental agencies and private parties, including but not limited to sexually violent person evaluation, exceptions to 404B and C, aggravation and mitigation issues at sentencing, as well as sexual and violence risk.

Material witness testimony is provided:
related to offender characteristics, dynamics related to various offender behaviors, and treatment issues related to violence and sexual offending. Additionally, we provide Therapeutic Interventionist services for Family Court.

PCS offers treatment services:
including group, individual, and couples therapy to address comprehensive treatment needs related to general psychological issues, serious mental illness, sexual and physical violence, and victim issues.

The predominant treatment population served includes:
men and women with a history of sexual offending.  We also incorporate treatment services to non-offending partners, family members, and victims of abuse when appropriate.

PCS takes pride in contributing to the clinical and forensic psychological community by maintaining involvement in a wide variety of research projects. Our current projects include the following:  1. Investigating the relationship of information acquired on the Abel Assessment of Sexual Interest to the prediction of higher risk or lower risk of sexual offense relapse; 2. Comparing the characteristics of persons accused of committing a sex crime that have not been arrested or charged to those who have been arrested or charged with a sexual crime;  3.  Investigation of the relationship between cognitive distortions and sexual offender behavior; 4. Norm referencing of the Static 99R on Arizona populations.