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PCS is a full-service Forensic Psychology practice based in Mesa Arizona, serving the greater Phoenix area. We are a private psychological practice that includes five on staff psychologists as well as one licensed Masters level therapist who provides treatment and assessment to predominantly Spanish speaking persons. PCS provides comprehensive clinical and forensic psychological services, with specialization in the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders and victims of sexual abuse. Some of our services include conducting psychosexual evaluations, risk assessments, and therapy as well as mitigation and general psychological evaluations. We offer these services to a diverse population of men and women age 13 to geriatric with sensitivity to issues of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual/affectional orientation, gender identity, religion/spirituality, and age.

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PCS is an APPIC member training site, providing training and supervision for clinical psychology students at various stages of training and licensure.  We pride ourselves on being one of Arizona’s primary training sites for clinicians interested in forensic psychological practice and sex offender assessment and treatment. The influence of psychologists and masters level therapists who have trained at PCS and currently provide services to the sex offender population in Arizona is vast and far-reaching. Our current training affiliations include Argosy University, Midwestern University, and the Arizona Training Consortium.

PCS also partners with other private psychological practices for the Family Court Assistance Program (FCAP) including Dr. David Weinstock JD., Ph.D. from Forensic Counseling and Evaluations. Additionally, we work with other Psychologists including Dr. John Moran, PhD.

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